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Skydiving Customer Testimonials

Kendra - Santa Fe, NM
Dropzone Location: Casa Grande, AZ

Everything went smoothly. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to schedule a jump time. They were also helpful as for setting times that would fit my schedule.

As for the jump, AMAZING!!!! It was quick and easy. The video was also worth it, even though I was hesitant about getting it. I'm glad I have the video because I barely remember the jump. However, I remember enough to know that I'm already planning my next jump. I hope it's not a one time deal for me.

Elizabeth - Clearwater, FL
Dropzone Location: Lake Wales, FL

I enjoyed the skydiving trip alot! My boyfriend and I had lots of fun, and I think were going to do it again. Just letting you know the booking process went smoothly, and the jump was an incredible experience that I won't forget.

Thank you!

Alex - Chino Hills, CA
Dropzone Location: Perris, CA

My name is Alex, and today D'Angelo helped me out in getting set up for a skydiving trip I purchased almost two years ago. When I asked if a certain date was available, D'Angelo quickly asked if I'd be flexible and when I returned the question, "Why do you ask?" he quickly reminded me that the sooner the better. I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to pay almost two years ago, and still use this trip next week!

Thank you!!!

Judith - Arlington Heights, IL
Dropzone Location: Casa Grande, AZ

The experience was great! Easy reservation and good directions. The dive itself was fantastic! I passed your name and number on to the hotel front desk in case other guests were interested in the experience.

We understand if you are anxious to book your first jump after reading how others felt. Go for it!

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